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past project

Platform21 = Repairing the BIG APPLE

Platform21 repaired an old officer's home for NY400

After having developed several remarkable repair techniques with different designers during the course of 5 months of Platform21 = Repairing in Amsterdam, we embarked on a repair adventure in New York to save and upgrade an old officer's home on Governor's Island.

Together with the public and supported by some incredible volunteers, we repaired crumbling ceilings using Tape Boogie Woogie, inspired by Mondriaan's famous painting. Daan van den Berg brought new life to the chipped walls using a new transfer technique. Lotte Dekker restored and upgraded broken china with Bison Kintsugi and Heleen Klopper fixed holes in carpets, curtains and textiles using her Wool Filler.

To see and read about the results, please click the different articles on the right.

Platform21 = Repairing the BIG APPLE took place from 11 September - 20 September 2009.

Pioneers of Change was curated by Droog’s director Renny Ramakers.

NY400 Week / Holland on the Hudson presented Pioneers of Change, a festival of Dutch design, fashion and architecture in New York to celebrate a 400 year Dutch-American friendship.

Pioneers of Change, 11 - 20 September 2009, Nolan Park, Governor's Island, New York

  • participant

    Lotte Dekker

    invented Bison Kintsugi

    Designer Lotte Dekker developed a new view of gluing porcelain based on kintsugi, an old Japanese technique in which porcelain is…

  • participant

    Heleen Klopper

    upgrades wool with Wool Filler

    Wool filler for mending holes in textiles was born out of a need of designer Heleen Klopper to repair a hole in a wool cardigan. The…

  • participant

    Daan van den Berg

    creates Wall Souvenirs, a repair formula for adding history

    For the occasion of the 400 years of friendship between New York and the Netherlands, designer Daan van den Berg bares gifts in the…

  • participant

    Repair & Shine

    Lindsay Blatt photographs shoe repairmen in New York

    During our repair research on the web, we came across the beautiful work of photographer Lindsay Blatt. Blatt set out to make a…

  • festival

    Pioneers of Change

    Pioneers of Change encourages a more responsible and sustainable approach to living. How? Stop recycling. Start Repairing!

  • link


    sat down at our kitchen table for some repairing

  • link

    The Unknown Hipster

    took the ferry to Governor's Island

    and became a huge fan of Wool Filler, repairing several garments. He documented his trip in amazing drawings, which you find here.

  • Platform21's Repair Manifesto

    Downloaded over one million times!

    Platform21’s Repair Manifesto opposes throwaway culture and celebrates repair as the new recycling. The last few months the…

  • feature

    You can repair anything

    Even the fragile contruction of a spiderweb

    It seems impossible, but American artist Nina Katchadourian decided to offer the spiders in a Finnish forest some help by mending…