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  • stories, live hacking and drinks:Amsterdam, Platform21

    10 x 10 x 10 Hacking IKEA

    Friday 12 September, 20:30

    12 Sept 08

    10 Hackers who present, sing, perform or demonstrate their hacks live, each in 10 minutes. ...

  • worklab:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Repair it Yourself

    Bring your broken things

    28 Aug 09...30 Aug 09

    Besides a lot of inspiration and information Platform21 = Repairing also offers several repair ...

  • presentation & discussion:Amsterdam, Platform21

    A night about car repair

    From Dinky Toy to DAF Truck

    9 Apr 09...9 Apr 09

    Visitors to AutoRAI who get lured into buying a new car shouldn't expect to be able to tinker ...

  • closing party:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Book presentation and ‘finissage’

    Sunday 18 January, 16:00

    The book No Reference offers an intimate report of the exceptional making process of the ...

  • past workshop:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Create your own dream car

    With designer Hugo Vrijdag

    The car as a metaphor for creative dreaming: don't we all fantasize about designing our own car? ...

  • closing party:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Last Repair Day

    With repair advice, winner announcement, music and drinks.

    30 Aug 09

    Sunday 30 August we festively close the success of Platform21 = Repairing with a very last ...

  • past contest:Amsterdam, Platform21


    Make your own hack and win design fame!

    15 Sept 08

    Platform21, BRIGHT and Superuse called on you to hack an IKEA flat pack. Make your own design ...

  • weekend programma:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Repair try-out

    test test test

    Platform21 = Repairing is open! But will it work? This weekend, we will test and refine.

  • workshop:Amsterdam, Platform21

    GPS drawing

    Thursday 5 and Friday 6 June

    A walk through the Beatrixpark will never again be a regular walk when you know you are actually ...

  • research + participation:Amsterdam, Platform21

    3D Scanning

    Beam yourself into the virtual world at Platform21

    Scan yourself in 3D at Platform21!

  • Event:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Save a microcar!

    Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 July

    25 July 09...26 July 09

    There’s a sweet little microcar rusting outside Platform21. Do you like to roll up your ...

  • past project:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Platform21 = Hacking IKEA

    All IKEA hackers unite!

    Who wanted to know what else a LAMPAN could be besides a lamp or how the PRODUKT milk-frother could also be used for other purposes,…

  • ... and the winner is!:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Hack-your-IKEA award ceremony

    Sunday 21 September at 14:30

    21 Sept 08

    Which hacked IKEA product will win design fame? Today on behalf of the jury (furthermore made ...

  • fashion show:Amsterdam, Platform21


    Tuesday 10 June

    Check the new collection of Amsterdam fashion label ...and beyond and witness a special event.

  • past project:Amsterdam, Platform21

    No Reference - Christophe Coppens

    Couture Accessories

    No Reference of fashion designer Christophe Coppens was an installation in Platform21 that functioned as a temporary studio. Here,…

  • past forum:Amsterdam, Platform21

    The future of the car

    Future scenarios for our driving experience

    During presentations and a discussion, specialists took a deeper look at what the future may ...

  • Virtueel Museum Zuidas presents:Amsterdam, Platform21


    This month Virtueel Museum Zuidas programmes an exhibition in the space of Platform21. With ...

  • workshop:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Christophe Coppens sewing studio

    Watch the master at work

    We called on all seamstresses, perfectionists and people who have got the patience of a saint to ...

  • event:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Sunday Adventure Club

    Hacking IKEA umbrellas in public space

    On Sunday 21 September Eric Von Robertson engaged the public, IKEA hackers and several hundred ...

  • on tour:Eindhoven, STRIJP-S Klokgebouw

    Platform21 = Hacking IKEA in Eindhoven

    during the Dutch Design Week in the KLOK building

    19 Oct 08...26 Oct 08

    We wrote it before: "Everyone has a relationship with IKEA". This is confirmed by the ...

  • past project:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Platform21 = Checking Reality

    A real show about the virtual

    Envision the world as a computer game in which your clothes are 3D projections and the GPS ...

  • evening of performance, film and sound:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Club Real #3

    Friday 11 July

    Meeting avatars, a Nike sneaker as a city, DIY 3D printing and music during this Club Real.

  • project:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Platform21 = Hacking IKEA in Seoul

    During design MADE 2008

    On invitation of the Korea Design Foundation Hacking IKEA traveled to Seoul. There, the ...

  • now on show:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Platform21 = Jamming

    Help build the breakfast machine!

    16 Sept 09...26 Sept 09

    Hollywood directors dreamed of it: the breakfast machine. Imagine a contraption that sets a ...

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