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live hacking

live hacking

Beauty, Play and Protection

What can YOU do with 100 IKEA Family umbrella's?

Eric Von Robertson is one of the artists which Platform21 invited to make an IKEA hack. He made a mutifunctional object from IKEA umbrellas.
During the Sunday Adventure Club it was the public's turn to make a mobile IKEA shelter. With everyone working away so enthusiastic, creations became bigger and bigger and construction innovative.

Eric Von Robertson investigates the relation between leisure time, recreation and architecture. One of his most absurd field researches is located in IKEA where he improvises a little hut made with umbrellas for sale at IKEA. The staff watches him bemused and curious. A conversation evolves from which we find out they also often think about alternative functions for the IKEA products they are surrounded by on a daily basis.

Von Robertson shows IKEA Desert Lodge at Platform21, a small construction build with orange IKEA Family umbrella's which you receive when you sign up. Desert Lodge summarises what Von Robertson is about. It is pretty shape for us to enjoy, it is playful and can be pushed around, or it can be rolled around by the wind, but it is also a functional form within which you can find shelter from rain or sun.

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