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IKEA hack

IKEA hack

IKEA Love Toy

Designer: Mark Hoekstra

IKEA is the perfect family shopping paradise, but as
Mark Hoekstra strolled through his hometown IKEA,
something bothered him. They sell everything, for
parents, for kids – they’ve thought of everything, simply
everything. From knobs for your kitchen door to cheap
ice cream after you’ve finished shopping, there's
nothing that has escaped the minds of our Swedish
interior overlords. But... where's the sex?

Anything even hinting in that direction is totally absent
in IKEA. The average advertisement in 2008 contains
more sex than all of IKEA combined. Not even in the
bedroom section is there any suggestion that people
would do anything else there besides sleep. Time for a
change: let’s hear it for the IKEA LOVE TOY!

The question remains: Why does IKEA ban even the
slightest hint of erotica from its stores? Will IKEA ever
spice up its product line? IKEA has its own view on the
world, that's for sure, and it’s sexless.

IKEA ingredients: