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custom cars

custom cars

The ultimate joyride...

of 13 different designers

A joyride is not just about getting from A to B. The ride itself has to pleasurable. Besides technique, atmosphere, form and aesthetics play leading roles as well.
We asked 13 designers that usually don't work with cars, but design fashion, interiors and jewellery for instance, to transform a radio controlled car into the car of their dreams.

Below, you can see the results (Photography by Truus van Gog).

Design: Dinie Besems, director Gebakkenlugt - jewellery designer

This car illustrates the new driving: kleefrijden, or sticky driving. Someday in the future big kleefrijders will drive around on the highways; you’ll be able to attach yourself and hitch a ride for free.

The Car That Keeps Spinning
Design: Studio Bertjan Pot - product designer

The opposite of a streamlined car, this one catches wind. Why should your hubcaps be the only things that turn as you drive? No, this is not a green-powered car.

Traffic Park
Design: Strange Attractors, Catelijne van Middelkoop and Ryan Pescatore Frisk - graphic designers

By creating nature on wheels, we take advantage of daily traffic jams and turn packed highways into endless green belts. Climb a tree, fly a kite, flip a burger, make friends – all while your tailgating vehicle manoeuvres itself through its concrete surroundings.

Frank T. Wreckless
Design: ZDZ'08 - graphic designer

An armoured vehicle ready for attack; also good as a getaway car. An indestructible cage that protects those inside, who therefore become indestructible too. Your worst nightmare.

Design: Pieke Bergmans, Design Virus, realised with Daphne Horsting - product designer

De oTo is a new kind of vehicle that’s actually more like a mini road train. You drive freely through town from the city centre, but when you get on the ring road, the oTo slips automatically in a line of other oTos. Your speed and energy use are optimised and there are no traffic jams. Once you leave the motorway, you’re free to drive on to your destination.

Design: NLXL (Oscar Smeulders, Dennis Paauw, Joost Roozekrans, David Benqué, Lemmy-Boy Hoogendoorn, Nadine Häller, Bob van Dijk) - visual communication and interactivity designers

This car is a party tent that can hold a lot of people. Inside, you feel as if you’re outdoors. When you look at the car from outside, it disappears into its surroundings. It’s inconspicuous, as if there’s no car there at all.

Haantje Martin
Design: Janneke Hooymans/Frank Tjepkema (Tjep.) - interior and product designers

Feathers have many advantages: extreme aerodynamism, fantastic insulation, a magisterial aura...

Design: Monique van Heist - fashion designer

repair with tape / rebuild according to need
more dings = more desirable identity / like your favourite old jeans
rain shower = total makeover
also: scratchpad or notepaper

Interior Car
Design: Joost van Bleiswijk and Kiki van Eijk - product and furniture designers

In the future you won’t need a steering wheel etc. any more. Turn your GPS on and enjoy your surroundings, play a game, etc.

The Foot Wagon... Family Size
Design: K&A Coffie (All-Stoff) - garage known from the MTV show Pimp My Ride

The freedom to mobilise yourself... by any means necessary. Plug in your I-pod and cruise around.

More Than a Car
Design: Kaptein Roodnat - interior and product designers

Originating from the idea that the car of the future is more than just a car and mere transport won’t be enough, this car functions as a biotope. The trees and plants inside the car filter its exhaust fumes so the environment is not polluted. Furthermore, it also provides you with a nice garden when you park in front of your home.

Design: Hotel Modern, Herman Helle and Pauline Kalker - theater group

This Rocococar gives tailgating a new, deeper dimension. Now traffic jams are hot!

Rubber Factory
Design: Laurens Manders - communication designer

When you drive this car you don't have to worry about the serious world around you. You can hit anything; the car is so soft that it's no problem at all. You feel as carefree as a child, just looking for fun!