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project:Rotterdam, NAI

project:Rotterdam, NAI

Hacking IKEA lamps on show at NAI

Shape our Country

  • 3 Dec 08...1 Jan 09
    10 00...17 00 NAI Museumpark 2, 3015 CB Rotterdam View on map Museumpark 2 3015 CB Rotterdam T +31104401200

Can a lamp solve traffic jams?
In the manifestation Shape our Country in the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) professionals and the public are invited to think about creative solutions for future national planning. Each month has a different theme: mobility, housing, work, leisure, greenery and water. During ‘Housing’, Platform21 = Hacking IKEA supplies the lamps.

Via a game, lectures, workshops and debates, Shape our Country taps ideas from visitors. The most promising and innovative plans are integrated into the constantly changing presentation.
Especially the design of simple products proves to result in new ways of thinking. A remarkable example is lamp MERRICK, which was created by Daan van den Berg for Platform21 = Hacking IKEA in collaboration with TNO.

The lamp, based on the LAMPAN by IKEA, sketches a future in which we print the products that we need, three dimensionally at home. It exposes the creative possibilities of this perhaps inevitable future, but simultaneously also shows its dangers. By infecting the computer file from which the lamp is printed, with the human Elephantiasis virus, each lamp is blemished in a unique way. Always different lumps, cracks and humps make the result frightening but beautiful at the same time.
If we print our own lamps at home in the future, it might cause for those Sunday afternoon traffic jams to IKEA disappear.

The NAi exhibits more lamps that were made for Platform21 = Hacking IKEA. PLATONIC SUNS by Daniel Saakes, LAMPANBETWEENTWOBLANDAS by Studio Plus and ARSTID by Lisette Haasnoot show how to turn mass produced products into unique items and shape our living environment to our own needs.

More information:

Especially for Shape our Country, TNO printed a new version of MERRICK in 3D. For more information on 3D printing: